Poseidon Shipping Consultants

Company Information, Scope, History and Vision

Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd is operating in the triangle London, UK - Piraeus, Hellas, - Nicosia - Cyprus. Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd is the mature product of several years of business experience and expertise in the field of dry cargo shipping manned by experienced people in the shipping industry and covering all aspects of shipping consulting operations, i.e. technical, operational, legal, and financial.

Due to the fact that the shipping industry is an international business, there exist golden opportunities for tax planning and capital management in various jurisdictions. Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd has a team, related to shipping activities, which involves owning vessels, managing vessels as well as providing for all tax planning for a number of years.

Despite the fact that shipping is a wide industry involving gas, liquids, crude oil, containers, reefers/ refrigeration, product tankers, liners, etc. our consulting services revolve around dry cargo as well as container vessels which provide more stable returns over longer periods of economic raises and downfalls achieving higher yields on average returns. Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd team has been observing this market since 1986. This monitor of the market involves active participation in shipping projects and equity participation in owning marine vessels.

We have the right management structure in place for the owning and management of such vessels ranging from 20,000 dwt. up to 200,000 dwt and not older than 12 years old. Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd ensures a steady capital growth through long-term management of marine vessels by avoiding such risks such as the management of old vessels, or the chartering of vessels with non-reputable charterers. On the operational level, Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd offers the very best of cutting-edge shipmanagement consulting services with active shipping contacts in London UK, Piraeus Greece and Nicosia Cyprus.

Our management structure follows the traditional rules of managing such vessels, thus Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd is a ship consulting company of a wider group of ship owning companies. This is done so as to ensure that Poseidon Shipping Consultants Ltd stays atop the most modern shipmanagement developments and techniques in the shipping industry and offers to its clients the best operational, legal and financial framework within which to achieve the best possible returns.